2011 Kia Soul Photo Gallery

The Kia Soul provides a great option for those looking to get into a new car on the cheap.

Sure, there are some amazing used cars out there for the same price, but it is hard to argue with the value of the Kia when looking warranty and maintenance costs. You also get the benefit of having modern safety features that could be missing in a used car. Styling is edgy without going overboard, so it stands out in a crowded parking lot. It is not fast, and it won’t win any handling awards, but for an inexpensive commuter, that does not matter. It knows its job, and it does it well. The quality of all Kia vehicles has improved remarkably in recent years, and they are doing their best to change people’s perception of the brand. They are being noticed by more people now, especially with their successful hamster campaign, although it will still be a few years before they can completely shed their cheap and unreliable image of a few years ago.

The Soul has some updates for 2012 that improve upon 2011 models. Upgrades include new engine options, six-speed transmission, and updated exterior styling.

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