2013 Ford Taurus Review

2013 Ford Taurus Limited Review

2013 Ford Taurus Limited

3.5L V6, 288 hp, 254 lb-ft, front-wheel drive, 6-speed auto, heated & cooled leather, 19/29 mpg

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Changes to the 2013 Taurus include minor exterior updates, MyFordTouch inside, and a new 4-cylinder EcoBoost option, which is already available in several of Ford’s SUVs.

Starting prices, not including $795 destination charge:

SE $26,700
SEL $28,900
Limited $33,100
SHO $39,300

2013 Ford Taurus Limited Rear

The Taurus is the low-rent version of the Lincoln MKS, and to Ford’s credit, they have done a host of exterior changes to differentiate the two.  The Taurus has a nice stout and fluid design that looks pleasing from most angles.

2013 Ford Taurus Front

Although the cozy interior made it feel smaller, this is a large car that has presence driving down the road. Unfortunately, the MyFord Touch system still suffers from slow response times and an unintuitive setup.  Excluding the MyFord Touch interface, the interior offers clean lines and ample storage.  The road noise and rattles we encountered with the MKS were absent in the Taurus, and overall fit and finish felt solid, but far from premium.

2013 Ford Taurus Dune Interior

Some features that the MKS had but were missing here include nav, a heated steering wheel, automatic high beams, rear sunshade, and paddle shifters, but they are all available as options. The questions is why would anyone opt for the MKS over this?

2013 Ford Taurus Back Seat

New for the ’13 Taurus is the 2.0L 4-cylinder EcoBoost motor, the same powerplant already available in the Escape, Edge, and Explorer. On the Taurus, it is a $995 option available in front-wheel drive only, and it puts out 240 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque. The catch is that it takes premium fuel to produce maximum power, and using regular drops horsepower to 231. Mileage is estimated at 22/32/26 combined MPG.

Compare that to the base 3.5L V6 on this car with 288 hp, 254 lb-ft, and 19/29/23 MPG.

The new EcoBoost is down 48-57 hp (depending on fuel grade), but it gains 16 torques and 3 MPGs. It is also 45 pounds lighter than the V6. While we did not get to experience it in a Taurus, the Ford Escape we drove recently did have it, and if it is anything like that one, it is a winner.

2013 Ford Taurus 3.5L V6 Engine

We drove the Taurus shortly after driving the Lincoln MKS, which is also produced by Ford Motor Company, and that definitely influenced our opinions of both cars. The Taurus was a nice package that offers decent build quality in a stylish package and worth a look for anyone considering the MKS.

Ford’s website ford.com/cars/taurus

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