2013 Volkswagen CC Review

2013 Volkswagen CC Sport Plus Review

2013 Volkswagen CC Sport Plus

2.0L turbo inline-4, 200 hp, 207 lb-ft, front-wheel drive, 6-speed auto, leatherette, 22/31 mpg

The CC, short for Comfort Coupé, was given a minor update for 2013, and the biggest changes include a refreshed exterior and seating for five. This is the Sport Plus model which starts at $32,995. The VR6 4Motion Executive model starts at $41,835 and gains 80 hp.

2013 Volkswagen CC Sport Plus

The old bubbly design has been sharpened with new lights to help distinguish the 2013 from previous years, from new LED tail lights to the revised front end styling. The standard VW look has been upgraded with standard HID headlights surrounded by LED daytime running lamps. The new front end is very similar to other VW cars, and it makes it difficult to distinguish this as the flagship of the VW line, at least until the Phaeton returns.

2013 Volkswagen CC Front

When you see the rest of the car, it becomes clear that this is no Jetta or Passat. The sleek lines of the four-door coupe shape are reminiscent of other German luxury brands, along the lines of the Mercedes CLS, Audi A7, and BMW Gran Coupe. This is a large car but has a height of only 55.8 inches, so you feel very close to the ground when you sit down. You start to notice how low you really are especially after climbing in and out a few times. But nobody said being pretty was easy.

2013 Volkswagen CC Side

The interior has a nice premium feel to it. It was not quite up there with the usual German suspects, but you are not paying those prices either, though it was nicer than the typical American or Japanese competition. The bottom trims come standard with leatherette, while real leather comes on the V6 Lux model for $38,110. One complaint was the mirror adjustment knob that VW uses will spin around forever and you do not know which mirror you are about to adjust. The biggest complaint, however, was that cruising on the highway brought out some nasty rattles coming from somewhere in the dash.

2013 Volkswagen CC Black Leatherette Interior

If you can live with the rattles, most controls were straightforward and easy to use. Heated seats and dual-zone climate control were standard, although adjusting the temperature was done with knobs that were sometimes slow to respond to big changes. Navigation comes standard starting on the Sport Plus, but the 5-inch screen was on the small side. V6 models come with the upgraded 6.5-inch RNS510 system. This one was a very basic nav system; it had very low resolution and suffered from lag when zooming. There was an aux audio input right below the screen, but the iPod connection was hidden in the glove.

2013 Volkswagen CC RNS-315 Navigation

New for 2013 is the rear bench that seats three. The center part folds down into an armrest, but you can fit five if you wanted. Probably best to limit the back seats to kids or short people as the sloping roofline made for limited headroom, although legroom was adequate.

Unlike cars such as the Audi A7 or Porsche Panamera, the trunk is a separate space from the cabin, more in line with a traditional sedan. There is a trunk pass-through in the center seat, or the entire seat folds down with a 60/40 split for extra large items.

2013 Volkswagen CC Rear Seats

The 2.0T has been around a while and turned in a solid performance. It took a moment to get used to the DSG transmission as it really felt like a manual. There was slight lag when taking off from a stop, as if you were manually letting a clutch out, but gear shifts were lightning quick. More info on the DSG from VW here: vw.com/en/dsg/nav/what-is-dsg

2013 Volkswagen CC 2.0L 4-Cyl Engine

The suspension had a good balance of sporty comfort as it did a nice job of soaking up bumps without being too soft or too harsh.

The CC was a fun car to drive, although the price felt a little high for what you get when you think of it as a glorified Passat. It was called the Passat CC until recently, so that is not really a stretch. However, if you compare it to other German luxury four-door coupes, it starts to look like a bargain. It does not have the same road presence as those, but it will still be the standout of most parking lots. While you don’t get quite the same performance here, the CC is still a looker.

Volkswagen’s website: vw.com/en/models/cc

2013 Volkswagen CC Candy White

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